Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be painfull?
Topical Anesthetics are applied before and during the proceedure to minimize discomfort.

Will it last forever?
No, permanent cosmetics are different than traditional tattooing. Permanent cosmetics are faded by sun, glycolic, and alpha hydroxy facial care products. Over time your immune system will eventually erase all visible permanent cosmetics. Most people need a color boost every two to four years. Lighter colors fade faster than darker colors, so you can always take that into consideration when choosing a color for your proceedure. Lifestyle also is a factor in the equasion. People who worship the sun will fade the quickest. Also, those with allergies fade faster than those without because they have a more active immune system.

What if I want a different look?
Conventional make-up can be applied over your permanent cosmetics without any mixing or beeding of colors... Just like it did before you have the proceedure done.

Do I have a choice of colors?
Yes, you will have a wide spectrum of colors to choose from, or Victoria can custom mix your favorite color.

Do I have a choice where pigments are placed?
Absolutley! You will be fully informed during your proceedure; giving Victoria input as to where and how you want your permanent cosmetics located.

How will I look afterwards?
Their will be slight swelling and redness which will subside in a short time. Most people prefer to have their proceedure done when they have two days off work to recover. Brightness and darkeness of pigments subside in two to five days. Usually, the skin will appear completely healed in five days after the procedure with some minor flaking. The area will take two to four weeks to fully heal. We usually like to have a follow up appointment three to four weeks after the initial proceedure, so touch-ups can be made if needed. Scar work takes around six weeks before touch-ups can be performed.